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Below you can access pre-written email swipes in most popular niches related to video, social & digital marketing. For best results, feel free to copy, edit & modify the scripts in your own words to best suit your audience.


The easiest way to make videos

AngleThe easiest way to make videos

Subjectquick question…

Preview(asking for a friend)

Hey [NAME],

Quick question…

What I want to know an insanely easy way to boost your sales without putting in any extra effort?

Just animate your videos!

 - A study from Animoto tells us that their animated explainer videos bumped up conversion rates by 20% when compared to their previous boring old text content.
- Dropbox saw a massive 10 million more people sign up after they rolled out an animated explainer video.
- Motionvillee claims that animated videos can boost conversions by 80% for businesses offering services or complex products.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Even massive companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon are beginning to embrace animated videos!

There’s just one problem…

Creating animated videos is hard, and can cost up to $25,000! 😵

But what if I told you that you could create unlimited animated videos, made in just a few clicks… For less than a tank of gas?

>> Introducing the brand new CreateStudio 3.0 >>

The world’s EASIEST way to create your first professional animated videos in under 10 minutes!

Even if you’re a total newbie with ZERO design or technical skills.

Their team of Pixar trained animators have created an easy to use drag and drop system that allows you to create gorgeous animated videos with just a few clicks.

You can choose from 1000’s of pre-animated assets.

You can customize your animated avatar with 100’s of done-for-you templates, and you can add your logo anywhere…

And you can use their ‘lightning builder’ to create full length videos in less than 7 clicks!

It’s truly remarkable how easily ANYONE can craft high quality explainers, ads, and social media posts using CreateStudio.

And the best part?

Right now they’re offering you a crazy one-time deal.

Where you can get LIFETIME ACCESS to CreateStudio 3.0…

For just $67

So if you want to create every type of video your business needs to succeed…

WITHOUT the headache of complicated softwares or expensive fees, and…

WITHOUT having to put your face on camera…

>> Click here to get this lifetime deal to CreateStudio 3.0 >>

And start using the world's easiest drag and drop video builder, to create professional looking animated videos in just a few clicks!

To your success,


Custom 3D Characters

Angle: Custom 3D Characters

Subject: I’m watching you %FIRSTNAME%... 👀

Preview: Not in a creepy way

Hey [NAME],

Is your business generic?


Of course it’s not.

So why would you settle for videos that are?

One VERY simple way to make your videos seem less generic, outdone, or downright boring is to add a little animation.

Unfortunately animation is pricey…

Sometimes costing what you’d pay for a kidney.

It’s complicated…

You’d need to hire a professional with lots of experience, or else it’d look clunky and poorly done.

And most of the existing video animation software is difficult to use, requires lots of training, and often just doesn’t look good…

Or at least… that USED to be the case.

Introducing CreateStudio 3.0 <<

The worlds #1 animated video builder that ANYONE can use to create videos in under 10 mins…

Where for the first time in history you can create CUSTOM 3D Characters yourself!

Yes you heard me…

CUSTOM 3D Characters! 🤯

WITHOUT spending $25,000 on animation teams.

It's so easy to use, it's just like customizing a character in a video game…

Drag, Drop, select hairstyle, change clothes, add your log…

…all in a few clicks.

And sync your voiceover to the lips of your custom character in 1-click!

So now your videos will always stand out, be uniquely yours, and impress EVERYONE…

Your customers will think you hired a team of animators, and paid them tens of thousands of dollars to produce your videos…

But all you did was download the world's #1 animated video builder…

And all you paid was less than a tank of gas for lifetime access…

>> Check out all the details to this lifetime deal here >>

Upgrade your boring videos, and start using custom characters that STAND OUT today!

To your success,

[Your Name]

Custom 3D Characters II

Angle: Custom 3D Characters

Subject: ATT: Business Owners

Preview: [find the purple duck 🦆]

Look at this picture.

Where do your eyes go immediately?

[IMAGE] download here

Straight to the purple duck…


Cos it’s different from everything else, It stands out…

So it grabs your attention straight away!

If you’re struggling to make sales & grow your business you need to understand:

90% of the battle in making sales is about getting ATTENTION 📣

Without it, you won’t sell a thing…

Your videos and ads will keep being ignored and scrolled past on the newsfeed…

So how do you create attention grabbing videos that stand out?

WITHOUT spending a fortune, or learning complicated softwares?

Introducing CreateStudio 3.0 >>

The ONLY video builder in the world with custom 3D characters!

So your videos will NEVER look the same as anyone else's…

They will be truly one-of-a-kind, STAND OUT and get ATTENTION online.

With a ton of customization options like hair, clothing, and accessories…

You have a whopping 300 Million Possible Combinations for your character!

You can change the skin color to whatever you want, and even add your logo to their clothing!

Usually creating just ONE custom character can cost up to $20,000…

And it takes months for animators to finish rigging everything…

But thanks to CreateStudio’s team of Pixar trained animators and designers all the hard work is done for you…

So you can create your own custom 3D character, in just a few clicks!

You can even choose from preset animations, so you never have to rig or animate a thing.

It’s so easy that ANYONE can create animated custom videos in under 10 mins!

And the craziest part?

They’re offering lifetime access to this video builder…

For a 1-time payment of $67.

Which is an INSANE deal.

I’ve paid more for bad first dates!

BUT, it gets better…

Because you can also create every type of video you need inside CreateStudio to stand out online and drive more sales…

Like 2D explainers, with 1,000+ customizable templates and scenes, hand sketched doodle videos, scroll stopping social media ad templates…

…and the list just goes on and on and on.

Just click the link below to get lifetime access to CreateStudio for just $67 now…

And grow your business with ATTENTION grabbing videos made easy.

==> Learn More About This Lifetime Deal Now

To your success,

[Your Name]

How to compete against volume

AngleHow to compete against volume

Subject81 years of videos uploaded per day…

PreviewHow do you stick out from everyone else?

Did you know…

8.3hrs of video is uploaded to YouTube every second?!

That's 498hrs of video a minute, 29,880hrs of video an hour, and 717,120hrs of video a day! ⏱️

How are your videos supposed to compete?

When more than 2 full days of video is flooding people’s timelines…

…in just the time it took you to read this part of the email!

How do you make sure your videos stand out above everyone else…

And grab attention?

So you can grow your social media, and make more sales in your business…

👉 Introducing The Brand New CreateStudio 3.0

The world's easiest animated video builder.

That lets anyone create attention grabbing animated videos in just a few mins!

Check the video out below to see everything you can do with CreateStudio 3.0 now:


Still don’t believe me?

With CreateStudio 3.0 you can:

✅ Create custom 3D characters to match your brand or customers.
✅ Make your first professional looking video in under 10 minutes.
✅ Choose from 1,000+ customizable templates & scenes.
✅ Use the lightning builder to create full videos in 7 clicks.
✅ Pick between 3D, 2D, or hand sketched doodle designs.

…to create unlimited video explainers, ads, social media posts, or tutorials.

In just a few clicks.

Even if you have ZERO design skills.

It’s the secret weapon that creators, business owners and marketers don’t want you to know about!

And right now to celebrate the launch of their newest 3.0 version…

They are offering a one time deal to everyone on my list…

So you can get lifetime access to CreateStudio 3.0 now…

For just $67.

You can even test drive it for 30-days risk free!

And if it ISN’T the easiest and most effective way to stand out from the competition, get more views, create more engagement, and increase your conversions…

Then you get a full no questions asked refund, within 30 days of your purchase.

So just click the link below, and check out all the other things you can do with CreateStudio 3.0 now!

👉 Learn More About CreateStudio 3.0 Now!

To your success,

[Your name]

Elephant in the room reveal

Angle: Elephant in the room reveal

Subject: They lied to you %FIRSTNAME%!

Preview: I fell for this lie too…

I get it…

You’ve been lied to before.

There are a ton of video builders out there that claim to be so “easy to use”…

You’d think you could close your eyes, hit a few keys, and pump out oscar winning videos that print cash.

But they lied to you.

So you just end up paying a freelancer 1000’s of $ to do it for you…


Which is why I was skeptical when I first heard about CreateStudio…

It’s supposedly the “#1 animated 3D video builder” on the market right now…

(Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that claim before)

But after a bit of research I found they have 55,000 customers worldwide, and over 1000+ 5-star reviews across the board…

AND they do have a 30-day risk free money back guarantee…

So I figured I’d give it a shot…

And maybe this is because I came in with low expectations, but honestly so far – I’ve been blown away!

Everything is sooooo easy to use…

From the 3D characters you can customize just like in a video game…

To the auto lip syncing in just 1-click…

Or the 1000+ templates that are drag and drop.

It’s BY FAR the easiest video builder I’ve ever come across.

And it does everything!

3D explainers, gorgeous 2D videos, Hand-sketched doodle videos…

And because I love their software so much, I reached out to hook you up with a special deal [FIRSTNAME]...

Where you can get LIFETIME access and created unlimited videos for just $67 🤯

Just click the link below to learn more & pick up this lifetime deal now.

Check out CreateStudio for yourself here >>

My advice?

Try it out for risk free for 30-days and see what all the hype is about for yourself!

Trust me – this one is ACTUALLY as easy as they say.

To your success,

[Your name]

🎬 Use this software to make money (Case study)

Angle: Use this software to make money (Case study)

Subject: $10,000 to make videos?

Preview: I didn’t believe this at first…

Hey [NAME],

Imagine waking up to an extra 10K in your bank account…

How would that change your life?!

Would you quit your job, pay off your debt, buy that new house?


This is exactly what happened to video freelancer M Taimour recently:

[IMAGE] download here

But the craziest part about this?

He doesn’t need to film anything…

He doesn't need to have some fancy animation degree…

And he doesn't need a team of editors, designers and animators…

He just uses an animation software, with 1000’s of pre-animated assets created by Pixar trained designers that lets him create videos in less than 10 minutes.

So he can create unlimited animated 3D videos…

In just a few clicks!

In fact he charges up to $1,000 a video, see here:

[SCREENSHOT] download here

It even comes with 2D characters, doodle characters and scroll stopping social media templates!

So now ANYONE can create attention grabbing animated videos, and make $1-3K on the side…

Even if you have ZERO technical experience, or video background…

…just like M Taimour.

This drag & drop software makes it so easy anyone can create professional looking videos in under 10 minutes.

In fact more than 55,000 customers worldwide have given it 1,200 5-star reviews!

The software is called CreateStudio, and they just released their biggest upgrade EVER!

With CreateStudio 3.0 now you can:

- Create your own custom 3D characters, just like in a video game…

- Sync up the voice and lips in just one click, so the videos look suuuuuper professional!

And the best part?

To celebrate the launch of their new upgraded 3.0 version they are offering a crazy deal.

Right now you can get LIFETIME access to CreateStudio 3.0…

For a 1-time payment of just $67 🤯

…and if it isn't the easiest video creator you’ve ever used…

…or you don’t sell a video within your first 30 days…

They will give you 100% of your money back!

So If I was you I would secure this lifetime deal right now, and see how easy it is to start making an extra few $1000 a month creating videos for clients on sites like fiverr or upwork.

Heck even your local businesses need videos, and will pay you big $$$ for them!

>> Click Here Now To learn More About What Makes CreateStudio So Easy >>

You have nothing to lose, and up to $10,000 to gain…

Plus, who knows, maybe you can even replace your current income and work from anywhere!

To your success,

[Your Name]

🙏 Use a famous person

Angle: Famous person

Subject: Mr. Beast’s #1 Secret To Viral Videos

Preview: 🤫

On Joe Rogan’s Podcast last year, Mr Beast (the biggest Youtuber in the world) said:

“The way to get more VIEWS, is by having a better HOOKS”

What exactly is a hook?

It’s just the first few seconds of a video that catches a person's attention and makes them stop scrolling.

In that podcast Mr. Beast mentioned that most video creators could get 3x more views if they just came up with better hooks for their videos.

That’s how important the hook is…

It’s the #1 thing that matters with video.

Unfortunately testing hooks is difficult and time consuming…

But there is an easy way to make someone stop scrolling in order to watch your video, without really changing much to what you’re already doing...

Just animate your videos.

==> That’s where CreateStudio 3.0 comes in…

CreateStudio 3.0 makes it extremely easy for even the most technologically handicapped grandparents to create eye-catching animated videos with their drag and drop software.

You can create 2D characters, doodle characters, or even completely customized 3D avatars…

With millions of possible combinations, you can create a unique animated avatars to star in your videos.

Aside from visually “hooking” in audience members with characters that immediately interrupts their scrolling pattern…

CreateStudio has also included built-in hooks that are proven to instantly grab attention…

Because they’re based on hooks from some of the most viral videos on YouTube.

Never worry about people ignoring your videos on social media anymore…

Especially after you’ve poured your heart and soul into them.

Now you can easily create Pixar quality videos and people won’t be able to help but to watch every second of what you put out there.

So if getting more views on your videos is something you’re interested in…

Just click the link below to learn more about CreateStudio…

And see how EASY it can be to create attention grabbing animated videos in just a few clicks!

==> Learn More about CreateStudio Now!

To your success,

Pure Scarcity

Anglepure scarcity

SubjectBad news [FIRSTNAME]

PreviewI hate to be the bearer of bad news but…

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but today I have to be.

Here’s the deal…

CreateStudio have been running a crazy deal for the past few days.

Where you can get LIFETIME access to their 3D video creator for just $67.

Pick it up here before it’s gone for good <<

Well, unfortunately that sale ends today…

And after it ends…

The price will go back up to $199 per year.

So that’s the bad news…

The good news is that you still have the rest of today to snag this lifetime deal…

For just 1-payment of $67.

So you can create every type of video your business needs to grow…

Creating unlimited 3D, and 2D animated explainers in under 10 minutes…

As well as social media ads, tutorials, and hand sketched doodle videos…

Even if you have ZERO design or tech skills.


CreateStudio uses something called “Dynamic Animation Technology”...

Where all the assets are ALREADY animated by Pixar trained designers…

Which does all the heavy lifting for you.

So you can create captivating videos using amazing animations, with ZERO skills.

They have 1000+ done-for-you templates, so you can create promo videos, ads and explainers that are PROVEN to get attention.

They even have something called the “Lightning Builder” which lets you create videos in 7 clicks.

Oh and did I mention that the 3D characters are customisable?

So you can create a character that looks like YOU!

…and even put your business's logo on their shirt.

I guess basically what I‘m saying is…

CreateStudio is the easiest, most powerful animated video builder in the world…

That lets ANYONE create professional videos in under 10 minutes…

So you convert more eyeballs into followers, customers and profits.

Cha-Ching 🤑


This lifetime deal aint lastin forever.

It will close at 11:59 PM PST tonight.

But you don’t even need to say “YES” right now…

If this deal tickles your fancy even just a little, then here is my suggestion:

You only have to say “MAYBE” right now…

And click the link below, to try CreateStudio out for yourself…

For 30 days, 100% risk free…

And, If it isn't the easiest video builder you’ve ever used…

…that brings in more SALES, and makes you more MONEY…

Get a full refund.

35,000+ business owners like you already use CreateStudio everyday to craft stunning pro videos in just a few clicks…

That looks like Pixar made them…

And with over 1,200+ 5 Star reviews…

What have you got to lose?

==> Get Lifetime access to CreateStudio for just $67 (Closing Now)

All the details to this deal, including examples of what you can create, are linked above…

So click now, and check it out before it’s gone forever!

To your success,

[Your Name]

CreateStudio vs others

AngleCreateStudio vs others

Subjectwhy I HATE Adobe

PreviewThis made me so mad

I have to get this off my chest…

Even if it ruffles some feathers.

Ok, here’s the story…

A few years ago, when I was getting started in my online business journey…

I ran into a problem…

Everytime I wanted to sell something I needed:

- Images to promote the product/service
- Video ads that get people interested
- Logos and social media posts

It was like I just spent weeks of my life creating a new website, a new course or offer…

But that was only like 50% of the work!

The rest was creating all these assets, images and videos.


I don't know if you can relate…

But what do I do?

I use Adobe like everyone else…

Photoshop and Premiere Pro mainly.

I forked out for the monthly subscription because I didn’t know any different…


This is what normal business owners do right? Invest in tools

But I JUST checked my bank statements…

And over the last 3 years… (Get this)

I have spent $3,239.64 USD on my Adobe subscription! 😲

Some months I don’t even open the software!

Obviously this pissed me off.

So I binned my adobe subscription and hunted for a LIFETIME deal.

Without any soul sucking monthly fees.

That’s when I came across CreateStudio.

A drag & drop animated video builder with 1000’s or done-for-you assets to choose from!

So I can create animated explainers, videos ads, and even social media posts…

All in under 10 minutes.

And the best part was…

It only cost $67 for lifetime access!

Well here’s the good news FOR YOU…

They JUST released their newest, shiniest version – CreateStudio 3.0.

And it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

You can:

- Create Custom 3D characters that look like you…
- Auto lip-sync with the audio, in just one-click…
- Use the drag & drop templates to create profitable ads!

Not only does it replace Adobe for me, but it also replaces Doodly, toonly, and Envato Elements.

Saving me even MORE money.

Now obviously I wish I had found CreateStudio 3 years ago…

I could have spent the extra $3,172 on something more useful…

Like a 5-star holiday to Hawaii for me and my dog…

But anyways…

If you want to create every single video you’ll ever need…

To sell anything online, created in under 10 minutes using drag & drop templates…

I’d highly recommend picking up a copy of CreateStudio, especially since their newest 3.0 release makes everything so much easier!

CreateStudio has over 35,000 customers worldwide, and 1,200 5-star reviews…

They even give you a 30 day money back guarantee…

So you know they’re legit.


Pick up your own LIFETIME copy of CreateStudio for just $67 now.

It will save you sooooo much time and money…

And make creating professional level videos so easy…

…It almost feels like you're cheating.

Click here to check out all the details for yourself >>

To your success,

[Your Name]

Provocateur Email

AngleThe “provocateur” angle

SubjectYour videos suck…

PreviewHere’s how to change that.

I hope you don’t take this personally…

But there’s a really good chance that your videos suck harder than a hungry mosquito.

Now wait…

before you start typing an angry response just hear me out…

It’s not just your videos…

It’s MOST videos…

It’s SO HARD to capture people’s attention with 1,000 of hours of videos being added to the zeitgeist every second.

How do you stand out?

Because creating engaging, entertaining, and informative videos is a skill that takes A LOT of time & practice to master.


There are shortcuts to going viral…

1 little known secret, that’s rarely talked about.

A simple shortcut that companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook have known about for years!

That secret is to use ANIMATION.

Animated characters don’t have to be charming or charismatic, and they never forget their lines.

And because the vast majority of videos out there are talking head videos, or just a bunch of spliced up B-Roll with a voiceover…

Animated videos have more scroll-stopping power than most, simply because they’re different than what people are used to seeing.

So you instantly separate yourself on the feed and STAND OUT.

But why don’t more people just create animated videos?

Well… for a long time animating videos was difficult, time consuming, and could cost upwards of $30,000 to create per video.

Exclusively used by massive companies, with massive teams, and massive budgets.

Or at least that USED to be the case…

Until CreateStudio 3.0 Was Released >>

CreateStudio allows even the most technologically illiterate people to create Pixar level videos in minutes.

There are even kids as young as 7 years old who are creating stunning videos with the software!

Their character creation software lets you create highly customizable, one of a kind 3D avatars to star in your videos.

And the advanced AI lip syncing software gives your videos a high quality feeling, as if it were created by a professional animation studio.

This is honestly one of the biggest hacks to get more views, create more engagement, and increase your conversions…

The tech is fairly new, and not many people are taking advantage of this yet.

Right now would be a good time to start making animated videos and start racking up the views and sales in your niche before this becomes the next “viral trend” and you miss out.

Especially because you can get LIFETIME access for just $67 right now… (with a 30-day risk free guarantee)

But this deal won’t last long, so I suggest you click the link below and check out all the details to see if CreateStudio is right for you…

Plus I don’t know about you, but I’ve paid more for awkward first dates that ended in a handshake.

Click here right now to grab CreateStudio 3.0 to start making high quality animated videos that are going to make you a boatload of cash >>

To your success,


PalWorld Story

AnglePalWorld Story

Subject$150,000,000 in 3 days…

PreviewHow PalWorld’s strategy can grow your business 👾


Did you hear about how the video game “PalWorld” just made more than $150,000,000 in 3 days?!

Which many on the internet are labeling “Pokemon - but with guns” 🔫

[IMAGE] download here

But here’s the crazy part…

That wasn’t even their official launch!

It was their ‘Early Access’ release, meaning the game isn’t even fully finished yet 🤯

Now while this game is MASSIVE in size, profit, and popularity…

It was actually developed by a small team of 10 people with ZERO experience in 3D modeling…

Not too long ago a game of this size needed a huge budget, a large team of experienced developers, and talented designers…

And it would still take years to create.

That’s because 3D animation USED TO BE very difficult, time consuming, and expensive…


Advancements in technology make creating mind blowing 3D animations easier than ever!

And the same is true for video animation in 2024.

Now using software like CreateStudio you can create pixar style 3D animations in a few clicks!

CreateStudio is a video builder that allows anyone to easily create animated videos even if you have ZERO technical or design experience.

Create unique 3D Avatars to star in animated videos for your brand, your business, or social media accounts.

Their simple drag and drop interface is so easy to learn that a child can do it.

Their AI lip syncing functions give your videos this Pixar like quality that 5 years ago required an animation veteran to produce.

And because animated videos are more impressive, engaging and scroll stropping…

They get up to 87% more conversions!

Which is why giants like Amazon, google and facebook use them in their marketing.

So If you have always wanted to stand out online, by using the power of animated videos to engage, educate and sell

But have been intimated by the complexity of old softwares, or not wanted to shill out the cost for expensive freelancers…

The good news is that CreateStudio is just $67 bucks for unlimited lifetime videos!

And their 30-day guarantee says:

“If CreateStudio isn't the easiest and most fun animation software you've ever used, get a full refund!”

So click the link below to check out all the amazing things you can create!

Learn More about CreateStudio 3.0 now >>

To your success,

P.S - jaw-dropping 3D Pixar style animations can now be created by ANYONE with a laptop, and CreateStudio for just 1-payment of $67. Check out their lifetime deal here >>

Get The Click Emails

Get more views, clicks, & Sales on your videos

Angle: Get more views, clicks, & Sales on your videos

Subject: Don’t post more frequently…

Preview: Try this approach instead.

Are your videos getting less attention than the salad bar at an all you can eat buffet?

Most gurus will tell you “jUsT pOSt mOrE OftEn!”, but this is bad advice because posting more often won’t magically hook your viewers in.

If you don’t hook them in right away (I’m talking about the first 3 seconds of your videos) then they’re going to keep scrolling, the algorithm will show your videos less often, you’ll get less engagement, make less money, and your competitors will start overlapping you!

You know what DOES hook people in?

According to a study done by Motionvillee:
Animated videos can boost retention and conversion rates by up to 80%!

And now even someone with ZERO technical or design skills, like your sweet old grandparents or 5 year old kids can easily create scroll stopping, Pixar style animated videos…

Using this new drag and drop software →


People have terrible attention spans

Angle: People have terrible attention spans.

Subject: 3 second “goldfish” attention span.

Preview: Even if your video isn’t entertaining or informative.

Hey [NAME],

Nowadays people have the attention spans of a goldfish…

Less than 3 seconds!

So if you’re not catching their attention right away, they’re going to keep scrolling.

This makes it harder to get views, harder to convert your viewers into customers, and it makes running your operation a lot more expensive.

With that being said…

Did you know a study conducted by Wistia found that animated videos are 20% more likely to be watched in its entirety?

This means you can pump out content that’s WORSE than your competitors and still get more views, reactions, and sales with your videos…

But animating videos is hard and expensive…

You need a whole team, an animation studio, and you might even need to sell your kidney to afford that price tag…

Right? 😢

Maybe in the 90’s that was the case, but things have changed a lot with the progression of technology.

This new software has a library of 10,000 assets that are all pre animated by Pixar trained animators.

So all you have to do is drag and drop. It’s so easy anyone can use it.

And for a limited time you can get lifetime access, instead of paying their normal subscription fee


Local Business

💸 This business NEEDS Your help

What if you could sign up 10 local businesses a month to your video services.

Being paid $500 from each local business to simply create and post videos.

You'd be making $5,000 simply to have fun creating cool videos.

Sounds good right...

Well now you can!  Thanks to an incredible "ALL-IN-ONE" video animation software called CreateStudioPro.

With CreateStudioPro you can now create video ads, explainer videos, video posts and much more, inside the simple user interface.

And with the done-for-you templates available, you can simply add the businesses logo, details and have your videos done in just minutes!

So if you've ever considered helping local businesses, this software enables you to do it, and cash in on the ever growing demand for video creation services.

Get CreateStudioPro Now Here For Next to Nothing! [LINK]

To your success,


🤚 Warning: Not for those people who hate making money

Hey {name},

More than 81% of successful companies use explainer videos to market their product and service. 

However, it takes four to eight weeks to produce a single animated video. With an average minute video costing between $2500 to $5500 

Most small businesses don’t have the budget to afford these videos.

That’s where you can come in.

You can start your own business today by designing affordable professional-grade explainer videos for less than $200 by using CreateStudioPro.

CreateStudioPro is an easy-to-use video animation software that allows anybody with no prior video editing skills to create jaw-dropping animated videos.

Video Ads, Social Media Posts, Explainer Videos, 3D “Pixar” character styled videos can be created within minutes.

With thousands of assets, scenes, and templates that are drag and dropped, customize the perfect animation within minutes.

Find out more about what they can offer by clicking the link below


🧐 This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss

Hey {name},

I’ve got an amazing opportunity for you today.

You’re probably interested in learning video creation and design and making money from the skill, but don’t have time and patience to master it.

Nowadays, companies are charging over $2500 for one single animator explainer video, and that’s the opportunity we’re providing to you today.

CreateStudioPro is an explainer video creation solution that comes with thousands of pre-designed assets, scenes, and templates that can be dragged and dropped. Customizable to create the perfect explainer video that suits your needs within minutes.

Imagine how much money you could make, only spending a few minutes to create professional-grade explainer videos?

No technical skills needed

No prior animation experience needed

No video editing skills needed

It’s as simple as:

  1. Selecting a preset animation. 

  2. Customizing it to your own liking. 

  3. Previewing your creation

  4. Export the animation.

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🎥 What’s the talk about these explainer videos?

Hey {name}

Have you heard about explainer videos?

They are short animated clips that explain how a company’s product or service works. Taking complex ideas and transforming them into easy-to-understand stories.

Explainer videos are effective because they both use video and audio stimuli, increasing the amount of information being retained by the consumer.

Similar to a scene in your favorite movie, you remember vividly how the part went. 

These videos connect with your consumer on an emotional and logical level, making them 64% more likely to purchase your product or service, and you can easily create these types of videos today. 

This is crucial for businesses that are trying to sell their product and service.

That’s why we recommend CreateStudioPro.

CreateStudioPro is an explainer video creation solution that comes with thousands of pre-designed assets, scenes, and templates that can be dragged and dropped. Customizable to create the perfect explainer video that suits your needs within minutes.

All you have to do is:

  1. Selecting a preset animation. 

  2. Customizing it to your own liking. 

  3. Previewing your creation

  4. Export the animation.

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💡 The Power of Working Smart

Hey {name},

Animated videos are difficult to create.

Tedious, exhausting, and takes weeks making it perfect.

Only if it’s done through Adobe After Effects and other subscription-based software.

As this is a lucrative industry, where a single minute of animated explainer videos can go from $2,500 to $5,000+, learning how to create these types of media without the hassle and stress can earn you a lot of money, quickly.

That’s why we recommend you have a look at CreateStudioPro.

An explainer video creation solution that comes with thousands of pre-designed assets, scenes, and templates that can be dragged and dropped. Customizable to create the perfect explainer video that suits your needs within minutes.

No technical skills needed

No prior animation experience needed

No video editing skills needed

All you have to do is:

  1. Selecting a preset animation. 

  2. Customizing it to your own liking. 

  3. Previewing your creation

  4. Export the animation.

You could earn $5,000 with only a few minutes of work today.

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